Friday, October 30, 2009

Real Items from the Suite Shop!

I was browsing through this catalog that my sister got in the mail, you know those junk mail catalogs right? Well imagine my surprise when as I'm casually flipping through the pages I come across identical items I had just purchased from the Suite Shop! Holy déjà vu! I went to the catalog's website,, and I'll include links to the real items for you below. Does this happen a lot? I know much of the clothing in Starplaza is inspired by real items, but I didn't know furniture and suite accessories were too! Cool!
Baroque wall ensemble, $12.95

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holy. Shit. DITA!

I am almost speechless right now. Words do not describe how excited and surprised I was to see the one and only Dita Von Teese as the newest doll when I signed on today. She is exquisite, she is masterful, she is bewitching, she is an ICON. Am I surprised to see a burlesque dancer featured on a children's website (Stardoll is mostly meant for kids isn't it?)? Sure. Do I care? NO! It is DITA! I don't think they did her justice at all with her wardrobe, as Dita is impeccable and would never wear most of the ill-fitting frocks featured on her doll. I don't expect them to put her in her usual lingerie, but where are the ensembles showcasing her impossibly tiny waist? Where's the glamour? Where's the Galliano and Dior? I'll let it slide this time Stardoll, I'm just thrilled you featured her. Even if she is basically a glorified stripper :)