Thursday, July 23, 2009


My name is Nicole, aka Nikki. I found out about Stardoll through a friend (I'm not allowed to tell you who evidently LOL!). I googled "Stardoll website" after she told me about it, and one of the top 3 results was, which I then began reading and thought it was pretty funny. After so long reading the blogs I decided to finally join. So here I am, and let me tell you that website is cyber crack! I decorated my little luxury condo in like a day! You can definitely tell what my favorite color is... My username is actually one of my favorite Prince songs from his Purple Rain album, though since there are mostly really young kids on Stardoll I don't suggest you listen to it Lol! Alright well that's all for now!

-DarlingNikki on Stardoll

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