Friday, December 18, 2009

DanPuffs vs. N1mka4eva: Drama @ Heroes & Villains!!

This is going to be a long one guys!! It looks like Perez's two blog contributors don't get along! At her Heroes & Villains party on Wednesday a few things were revealed: 1. Dan doesn't like N1mka4eva, 2. she had something to do with the girl rumors going around about him, 3. HilandHey is the most boring person on the planet (people who went to the party will know what I'm talking about), and 4. Dan bought Perez a giant baby. Lol!!

Things started out nice enough. Everyone was chatting, admiring eachother's costumes, listening to the playlist DanPuffs made; Perez mentioned her giant baby to me when my pumpkin went missing:

It was all lighthearted, silly fun. Then things took a turn when Dan posted a picture of his Blocked List (CLICK HERE to see it):

When N1mka4eva (aka Charlotte) noticed that she was on it, she asked why:

To which Dan responded extremely upfront and honestly:

I think most of us were pretty shocked when he said that! From then on a semi-argument/fight ensued (Click on "Read More" for the rest!):
(read Top to Bottom):


Then some party-goers started egging Dan and Charlotte on like children in a school yard (you'll have to click on this one to read it, read Bottom to Top):

Then I asked if he was referring to the rumors that he was a girl (read Bottom to Top):

Charlotte says she had nothing to do with it (Read Bottom to Top):

And Dan accuses her of lying (read Bottom to Top):

(read Bottom to Top):

This is when the funny stuff starts again! =D (read Bottom to Top):

(read Bottom to Top):

Eventually Perez left and several people stayed behind talking, most of them apparently members of the Animal-Lovers club, which is some kind of big deal, and whom apparently most people don't like very much. Especially Dan. I'm not sure who they are or what that's about though.

Oh, after looking in all of Perez's rooms I finally found her giant baby Lol!:

Anyway, I have to say it's kind of weird that Perez would hire someone her best friend and right-hand man didn't get along with. We'll see how it affects the blog!


  1. oohhhhh-la-la!
    i sense some bitchassness! :]

  2. LOL "bitchassness" I love Diddy!! =D \
    Thanks Stardoller!!

  3. ooh I was looking for some bitch fighting and I found it :-)

  4. I love your blog! You should have more followers than this. :D

  5. I laughed about" I am part horse" I was there I think, but towards the end.