Sunday, November 29, 2009

DKNY Holiday Soirée

I'm loving the "free" shwag we get for shopping this weekend!! "Free" of course because as you know you have to spend at least 200sd to get it all, and it's pathetic how little time it took me to accomplish that. I wasn't even trying, I actually didn't think I'd be able to do it but then of course the new DKNY was released at the same time as the soirée began, and a few other great items in Starplaza, and before I knew it my Gift-O-Meter was full!!

What do you think of the gift items? And the Fall DKNY collection?


  1. As a previous Superstar, I seriously agree that spending 200 sd is really not that hard. I used to be such a hardcore spender, like I used to spend about 600sd every time I went to the StarPlaza.

    I like the second mannequin of the DKNY collection the most!:-) 4th is okay, the 1st mannequin's dress isn't so flattering, but with great accessories it would look rather stylish. The gift items, however; are stunning! Worth way more than 200sd by far :-)

    I especially like number 5.

  2. If you mean the 2nd mannequin in the picture up there that's not from the new collection, it's from the last one that's on Sale now, that's just a picture of the DKNY display room I made for my suite! :) But I'm glad you like the oufit I put together! If you mean the 2nd mannequin in the actual shop then nevermind Lol!! Thanks for reading and commenting Cindy!!! :)

  3. yea, 4 non-ss, it can take a while, but its totally worth it