Thursday, November 26, 2009

Style_Magazine: "If you love me you'll buy my overpriced crap!"

Just now I received this message from Style_Magazine in Chat:

Classy, right? Here's what she has in her StarBazaar:

Pretty ordinary things, for 60 stardollars a piece. The only interesting item is the Vivienne Tam "Sequin Goldfish Flapper Dress", which I found in the StarBazaar a while back for only 15 stardollars. I also like the RARE white Inspired By etc. top, but certainly not enough to pay that much for it.

Me and a few other girls left her comments in her guestbook saying just that, but they were promptly deleted (I was able to get a screenshot before she deleted mine) Lol!! Not much for criticism, eh Style? =D

I guess she thinks that she's famous/important enough that just because she owned these things they're worth more? Like when celebrities buy a mansion and then sell it for millions of dollars more than they paid for it since their mere presence on the property raised its value? Ooooh Style, just when I think people are unfair to you and give you a hard time for no reason you do something like this and remind me why they say those things about you in the first place! =D

If you're interested in overpaying for Style_Magazine's clothing, and at the same time showing your appreciation for her magazine, CLICK HERE! 

UPDATE: Uh-oh!! I'm in trouble! Lol!


  1. Style_Magazine is just delusional she swears she and her magazine are God's gifts to Stardoll she needs to get her head out of her ass.

  2. 2sd - 60sd???? y should we get her stuff wen the prices are over 50sd

  3. Lol.
    I've notice that aswell, and was like what the hell?
    Most the stuff she's selling isn't worth looking at.
    ♥Elite-girl(stardoll user)

  4. Holy crap! This made me laugh! :) especially the update part: uh oh im in trouble! Lmfao. I already love this blog...

    This is unbelieveable; Style selling This is just so desperate of her!

  5. Okay I literally laughed out loud for this one! :D:D This is typical Style behavior, you'll learn! I do like her poofy-sleeved 80's style ensemble though!