Thursday, November 5, 2009

Only time will tell...

Now it seems that Dan aka DanPuffs has also reappeared, also quite suddenly, and also without addressing his own identity controversy (that he is a girl named Bella, and that he's the Burn Book, and that he's Mimi_LaRue who deleted her account). Will he and former Perez co-contributor Undamyumbrella ever hash out their feud over the comments she made on Britneys07's blog? Will he and Perez ever address these rumors about them? Do they even care? And speaking of Perez, Dan has her on his Best Friends list as "Madame Morrible", a character from the novel and play Wicked who isn't exactly the protagonist as far as I can tell from her character description online (I've never read the book, to be fair.) this a dig at Perez? Only time will tell...if anyone finally starts talking!

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